My name is Khaled Moyeed and this is my personal blog about law and politics. I am a Labour party politician and a solicitor specialising in international arbitration and commercial dispute resolution. Below is my story.

Having spent my childhood in a place called Noakhali in Bangladesh, I moved to Tottenham, London at the age of 12. Adjusting to life in London was tough for me having to deal with bullying at school and not speaking any English. However, English became my favourite subject at school and I came out with two As in English language and English Literature in my GCSEs. It was a remarkable turnaround within a short space of time – I took my GCSEs just over three years after U moved to the UK. I had a gift for languages.

After finishing my A Levels, I set out to learn Arabic in my gap year. I travelled to Damascus, Syria in 2000. It was the first time that I lived away from home. Two Syrian university students took me under their wings: Abdul Karim from Damascus suburbs and Yousuf from Aleppo. I studied classical Arabic texts with them every day for four months.

I returned to London to read law at university. After graduation, I decided not to train to become a lawyer straightaway. I started my career as a community organiser in Tottenham. I worked for a local charity, the Peace Alliance delivering projects to further community cohesion such as setting up Haringey Faith Forum. I spent four years serving my local community during which time I found time to get married (2004) and complete my Bar Vocational Course qualifying as a barrister (2007).

I worked at the Cabinet Office as a Legal Adviser working with Ministers, MPs and Peers between 2007 and 2010. I advised them on charity law and regulation. Gordon Brown was PM and Ed Milliband was the Minister of the Cabinet Office when I went to work there.

I joined the Labour Party in 2010 and campaigned locally to elect three Labour councillors in my local ward, Noel Park (in Hornsey and Wood Green), but Labour failed to win the 2010 General Election. I focussed on local politics where Labour was in power in Haringey Council. I took over as chair of Noel Park Branch Labour Party.

By 2011, I had left the civil service to work at an international law firm called Herbert Smith Freehills. I worked in the firm’s Dubai offices in 2012 and 2013 and I qualified as a solicitor in 2013. It was great to be exposed to the UAE as an emerging market and work for international clients. However, I realised for the first time how much I missed living in London. I had to go away from London to appreciate its true value.

I returned home to Tottenham at the end of 2013. I joined another international law firm in the City of London called Clyde & Co where I specialised in international arbitration.

I took over as chair of Tottenham Green Branch Labour Party in 2016. It is where I have made my home with my wife and two children. My wife works as a doctor at North Middlesex Hospital.

I left the world of big international law firms at the end of 2016. I decided it was time to set up my own practice. I now offer my services as a Consultant Solicitor through the firm, London Law Practice. You can read my profile here: https://londonlawpractice.com/team-member/khaled-moyeed/

They say law and politics go hand in hand. As a lawyer and a campaigner, my mission is to help people improve their lives. London gave me incredible opportunities to be what I am today and I try to give something back every day. I am on the committee of my local mosque; chair of Global Citizens, a charity which delivers poverty relief projects in developing countries and I mentor young professionals.